Work Experience

Senior Data Scientists | Monsanto Research Center

  • Dec '15 - Present | St. Louis, MO |
  • Researched and developed AI algorithms, combining techniques from supervised and unsupervised learning, discrete and continuous optimization, to enhance decision making of the product pipeline.

    Detailed achievements:

    • Leading analytic metrics dashboard team
    • Mentored new hires and interns
    • Collaborate across organizations and translate business problems to analytics models
    • Deployed of real-time analytic models in cloud

Data Scientists | Monsanto Research Center

  • Oct '13 - Dec '15' | St. Louis, MO |
  • Developed statistical models and machine learning algorithms to predict crops performance.

    Detailed achievements:

    • Designed fast Reactive online analytical processing (OLAP) structure
    • Implemented the genetic gain metrics to measure decisions effectiveness
    • Utilized machine learning and deep neural networks to prioritize breeding pipeline

Research Assistant in Sensor Network and Statistical Modeling | Michigan State University

  • Jan '10 - Present | East Lansing, MI |
  • Focused on the statistical learning, localization, and system identification, with applications to mobile robotic sensors. Developed several mobile sensor platforms which led to 9 publications in top journals and conferences during 3.5 years.

    Detailed achievements:

    • Developing statistical learning methods with MATLAB
    •  Implementing different Machine Learning Classification and Regression solvers such as:
      1. Support vector machine (SVM)
      2. K-nearest neighbors (KNN)
      3. Logistic regression
      4. LASSO Regression
    • Developing autonomous aquatic robotic sensor
    • Implementing obstacle avoidance and path planning algorithms on a microcomputer.
    • Modifying OpenWRT Linux for robotic purposes
    • Working with wireless modules XBee (IEEE 802.15.4), Bluethooth (IEEE 802.15.1), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11).
    • Working with positioning systems:
      1. Global Positioning System (GPS)
      2. Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
    • Implementing Image Processing localization system (Visual SLAM)

Teacher Assistant in System Control | Michigan State University

  • Jan '12 - May '12 (4 Months) | East Lansing, MI |
  • lectured the System and Control laboratory to 40 undergraduate students for two semesters.

Leader of Hardware Team in Data Acquisition | Caspian Data Company

  • Sep '08 - Jan '10 (1 Year, 4 Months) | Qazvin, Iran
  • Digital circuit designer.

    Detailed achievements:

    • Designing and assembling a 65 MHz analog to digital card for logging data to computers
    • Designing and assembling dodecahedron Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • Proficiency in implementing digital communications networks I2C, SPI, RS485, RS232, CAN, SATA

Software Research and Development in Robotics | Mechatronics Research Laboratory

  • Sep '05 - Sep '08 (3 Years) | Qazvin, Iran |
  • Developed a software to use sensory data in a robotic platform to estimate position and to build a map from surrounding environment.

    Detailed achievements:

    • Programming experience in object oriented C++
    • Experience in using open source Linux kernel
    • Working directly with hardware and different sensors
      1. Laser scanner, Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Gyroscope, Barometer, Thermal Array
    • Image Processing
      1. Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT)
      2. Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG)
    • Extensive experience in implementing Kalman filter and other estimation methods
    • Implementation of Simultaneously Localization and Mapping (SLAM)



Courses & Training

    Summer School in CUDA Processing | Jun '12

    • Michigan State University
    • Gained programming experience with parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA and implemented by the graphics processing units (GPUs) that they produce.

    Selected Graduate Cources

      Computer Science:

      • C Programming
      • Machine Learning(ranked 1st in the class)
        • Project : Large data set Classification using AdaBoost methods.

      Mechanical Engineering:

      • Robust Control
      • Theory of Vibrations
      • Nonlinear Systems and Control

      Electrical and computer Engineering:

      • Digital Control
      • Optimal Control
      • Artificial Neural Networks
      • System Identification

      Statistics and Probability:

      • Analysis of Stochastic Systems
      • Theory of Probability and Statistic 



Doctorate Degree (Completed '13) | Mechanical Engineering

  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
  • Jan '10 - Aug '13
  • GPA: 4.00
  • Graduated in 3.5 years. Specialized in the estimation theory and statistical modeling.
  • Doctorate Dissertation:

    Title: Spatio-temporal field prediction under localization uncertainty for mobile sensor networks

    Description: In this dissertation, the problem of using mobile sensor networks to estimate and predict environmental fields modeled by spatio-temporal Gaussian processes and Gaussian Markov random fields is considered.

    Master's Degree (Completed '07) | Electrical Engineering

  • Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • Sep '05 - Oct '07
  • Specialized in System Control.
  • Master Thesis:

    Title: Inertial Navigation System Algorithms for Robotic Application

    Description: The main motive of this thesis is to improve the accuracy of low-cost Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) without incurring too much expense. Imperfections in INS sensors are viewed as bias terms at sensors outputs. These bias terms are estimated at the exact time instants when the robot ceases to move and has some processing time to spare.

    Bachelor's Degree (Completed '05) | Electrical Engineering

  • Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • Sep '01 - Sep '05
  • Ranked 1st among undergrad students in Control Major.

    Bachelor Thesis:

    Title: Control and Identification for Twin Rotor Helicopter

    Description: In this thesis, a dynamic model for a two-degree-of-freedom (DOF) twin rotor multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system is obtained using black-box system identification techniques. An open loop tracker is designed to control the outputs of the twin rotor system.




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    Best Student paper award finalist in 2012 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference

    2st Place in RoboCup Rescue Real League, China, 2008.

    2st Place in Rescue Robot League Locomotion Challenge in Germany, RoboCup2006

    Graduated with rank 1 (among 40 BSc. Students) in Control Engineering, Iran University of

    Science and Technology, Tehran. Sep.2005.

    Bronze Medal in 14th Iranian National Olympiad in physics and Semifinalist in Math (among 65000 high school students), Summer 2000


    Languages: R, Go, SQL ,JavaScript, Html, Angular, Python
    Documentation: Github, Markdown, LaTeX, Microsoft Office
    Database: Oracle, MongoDB, Firebase
    Hardware: PIC micro controllers, Design PCB circuit boards, Soldering surface-mount components